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Choice & Control

Alex Purvis speaks about how they have developed informal supports in his son's life.

The Prince family know first hand the benefits of a tailored plan and having the right people to assist you in reaching goals and aspirations.

Goals & Aspirations

Leigh Creighton speaks to the Newcastle Herald about his dreams for the future. (text)

People with disability want ordinary lives.  This is a great video with Nathan Basha talking about living his dream life.

Wendy Stroeve speaks about the power of having a vision for her son. Using the vision as a compass their son achieves everyday dreams.

Supported Decision Making

Picture My Future is an online training tool that can be used to assist people with intellectual disability to explore their goals for the future.

Casey and Rees talk about making choices and decisions.  This YouTube video is designed for young people with intellectual disability.

Self Directed Support

Self-Directed Support is the process of taking control of your life and any support you might need to live it. In this article Simon Duffy identifies the 7 step process by which people obtain control over their support in order to achieve a better life for themselves.

Caroline Tomlinson is the parent of three children: Joe, Rosie and Jacob. Joe is 19 years old and has high support needs. He was the first person in the UK to receive an  individual budget and it has made a phenomenal difference to his life. (video)

Idea's for Self Directing Supports - Employing Staff provides ideas about: finding and keeping staff; thinking about who you could employ; writing an advertisement; possible interview questions and more.

Self managing support means it is tailored to the person based on their goals and interests.  It is all about Matthew is one young man's experience of self management.

A Guide to Engaging your own Support Workers provides practical advice and resources to people with disability and their families who are wishing to self-manage.  

A Shared Management Guide to increase individuals, families and the sectors capacity to successfully offer and utilise self and shared management.


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A video about the NDIS and the importance of peer support. Made by people with intellectual disability for people with intellectual disability.


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