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Meet Nathan


My name is Nathan. I am a man living with a disability and I enjoy helping other people.

I have also recently come out as a gay man. It wasn’t easy and took me many years and finding a man who gave me the strength, courage and inner fortitude to be able to finally come out. I am now in a relationship with his man, which has shown me that it is possible to be happy if you put yourself first. Go for what you want and you can achieve anything!
I can offer prospective mentees the gift of empathy. I am someone who isn’t judgmental.
I am looking to mentor with my skills in:

  • Confidence Building
  • Use of Technology
  • Setting Smart Goals (long and short term)

I am deaf but I can hear you! If you choose me as your mentor I will listen, give input, guidance and throw in humor for free. I am not an old fuddy duddy! I can offer support and guidance but I will not do it for you!
Because I can use sign language as well as speech, I do not require to have interpreters present during our sessions which can make the mentor/mentee relationship more private.​

I know the struggles of being in small communities. I know of depression, anxiety of stigma and being a social outcast. I have managed to break through, though I struggle at times. I am human, I make mistakes but I truly believe that I can make a positive impact on your life if you would like me to!

I look forward to meeting you soon!

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