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Meet Lynda


Hi I’m Lynda.

My parents had 6 children and four of us are deaf! Being deaf had a big impact on our education, employment and goals. We four became deafer as we grew older. Thus I now have cochlear implants.

My dad always said ‘Yes you can Lynda’. This helped me to take control of my life as I learnt how to deal with getting through school and looking for work. I had a dream of going to uni and I finally did this at the age of 33. I love learning and finding out new things.
As a young adult, I met other deaf people and learnt Auslan. So I am a part of two worlds – Deaf and hearing. I learnt to communicate and live in both worlds.

In my work, I have supported children, young adults and adults in school, at home and in the community.

I would like to meet people with disability or their families to support them in exploring options and possibilities for their goals that they can put into action.

The skills I can offer are:

  • Working out goals
  • Creating a time table and strategies to achieve them
  • Build up people’s confidence in themselves, in learning and their skills

I have plans for lots of little trips this year which include going to Adelaide to see my sister march in the National Marching competition!

A video about the NDIS and the importance of peer support. Made by people with intellectual disability for people with intellectual disability.


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