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Meet Leigh


Hi, I’m Leigh.

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of Mentoring, (mostly) people on the autism spectrum , since first qualifying as a Community Mentor over twelve years ago. This experience , together with  post graduate qualifications in ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), and being an ASDian Elder in the ASDian Community, has given me a rather unique insight into the ASD lifespan situation.

As a Peer Mentor,  I can offer the following:

  • I "get" many people who may identify to some extent as an "outsider" , or  as "different" in some way  ( as perceived by self or others , whether actual or not )
  • I understand the causes and effects of "alienation", the disorientation and distress in not understanding  what’s going on  for various reasons, or of being serially mis-understood ( because of "difference")
  • I can offer a working insight , new  deeper perspective ,and analytical problem solving, in relation to the "bind" of a person wanting to be comfortable in their own skin / true to their identity, but who also desires the human experiences of  belonging, contribution and purpose.

Here are some more specific, practical examples of the kinds of things I have done as a Peer Mentor to date (however feel free to come up with other ideas ):

  • Public Transport Mentoring. I can talk to you about what you can do to get confident to use public transport.
  • Encouraging you through other situations you might find uncomfortable, scary or confusing , e.g. social situations such as shopping, appointments, cinemas, concerts, new living situations or making new friends - until you develop the confidence or skills to do it alone/or with friends.
  • Social / relationship or living skills Mentoring 
  • Talking over options and goals to support you to see the changes you want in your situation (two heads are usually better than one)...

A video about the NDIS and the importance of peer support. Made by people with intellectual disability for people with intellectual disability.


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