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Meet Kerrie


Hi, my name is Kerrie. I have three awesome kids, two daughters and my youngest little man.

Our kids are happy and energetic (sometimes a little too much!) and enjoy camping, swimming and school (yes...really they do). Our son started kindergarten this year and continues to receive early intervention support within the school, home and any of his environments he participates in. I believe in kids of all abilities being included in mainstream environments. I am passionate about kids being as confident and independent as they can be and actively participating in their community.

I am now a very busy working and studying mum. So it is really important to me that the support I give to my children can be included within our daily activities and allow us to have some down time too. I have had to learn some good organisational skills to maintain such a busy life!

I love meeting new people and having great discussions. I really enjoy hearing about other people’s life experiences, opinions and ways of thinking that are different to my own. I like to consider other people’s perspectives and allow the possibility for my own to grow or change.

As a mentor I can offer:​

  • A peer to listen to you, I am very good at listening, being empathetic and understanding. I will learn as much from you as you will from me.
  • To help you gain skills in listening to others, being open to other people’s points of view and help you to understand why we have different perspectives to each other.
  • Support to help you manage a busy lifestyle and help you gain good organisational skills.
  • Ways that parents/carers of young children can include support for their child in their daily family activities and support their desire to have them included in mainstream environments.

In my spare time (what spare time!!)... I love to have great food with family and friends.

A video about the NDIS and the importance of peer support. Made by people with intellectual disability for people with intellectual disability.


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