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Meet Erika


Hi my name is Erika.

I am interested in working with people to help them find a voice in any area that they are struggling with.I am a parent of four boys and I have a psychosocial disability. Over 25 years struggling to manage interactions with public mental health services, I have become skilled at negotiating the system to try to find better outcomes and challenge injustice. I continue to use these skills in negotiating with the NDIA. I am on my third NDIS Plan.

Over the last three years I have focused on finding my own voice and enabling others to speak out about mental health and disability issues. Taking part in My Choice Matters Run Projects and Leadership courses have helped me gain skills and introduced me to formal mentoring. In my arts practice I led a diverse group of artists to produce plays and workshops using our stories to raise awareness.

My work in inclusive creative arts has been a positive part of my life and has allowed me to work collaboratively with a diverse range of people. I recently used my experiences with the mental health system to create a play "Midsummers Nightmare" which addressed issues surrounding mental health and the NDIS. Our ensemble of performers included actors and musicians with and without disability, who used their personal experiences to shape the performance.

My passion is the theatre and enabling people to find their creative voices. I am interested in hearing your story and finding out how we can work together. As your mentor I will listen and help you explore ways to work towards your goals.

A video about the NDIS and the importance of peer support. Made by people with intellectual disability for people with intellectual disability.


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