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Meet Christine


Hello, I am Christine and I grew up profoundly deaf (since birth) of Pendred Syndrome (congenital deafness with thyroid disease). My brother has the same as me but my other 4 sisters are hearing, as well as my parents. I speak and rely on lip-reading very well although I had some difficulties in my education.

I have experience in many aspects of life including dancing, theatre/miming, signing songs, sewing (soft furnishings), administrative duties, computer skills, researching family trees. I have also learned about Disability/Community services.

I have become fluent in Auslan (Australian Sign Language) and got more involved in the deaf community, hence I belong in the middle of two worlds (hearing and deaf). I overcome barriers by believing that I can achieve my goals.

I am a volunteer Auslan tutor and volunteer Deaf Liaison Officer to assist in delivering deaf awareness training to emergency services in the Hunter/Newcastle region.

I wish to become a mentor to offer skills in:

  • Showing how to be a strong person
  • Showing how to be assertive
  • Listening to other people’s stories and giving guidance.

I have not been working for 5 years as I have battled breast cancer and continue with treatment. I am also battling living with depression and chronic illnesses. I always try to accept all of myself, both the hard and not so hard parts. I try to share positive attitudes. I am resilient.

In my spare time I like to relax, exercise and go walking on the beach. I am looking forward to travelling around Australia in an off-road caravan with my husband and dog.

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