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Meet Cath


Hi I’m Cath. I am the Coordinator of Community Disability Alliance Hunter.

I believe in people with disability living the lives they choose and actively contributing to the community.
I self-manage my NDIS package and I am committed to people with disability taking up options like this which give us greater choice and control.

I am blind and believe in sharing my experiences as a person with disability in order to show that what we have in common is much greater than our differences. I love public speaking, and trying to persuade groups of people. I love using technology and the great impact it can have on our lives. I love writing and storytelling and have experience in writing in lots of different formats.

I would be interested mentoring people in:

  • writing skills,
  • public speaking,
  • confident use of technology (particularly for those who are blind or have low vision) in order to assist you to carry out a project or take a next step in your life.

Something only a few people know about me is that I am a wedding and funeral singer. I like singing because I believe in the power of music to touch our hearts in times of love, great joy and deep sadness. Something else only a few people know about me is that I live with anxiety and depression from time to time. This is a fact of my life and something I would like to learn to be more accepting of and less hard on myself about.

A video about the NDIS and the importance of peer support. Made by people with intellectual disability for people with intellectual disability.


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