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Peer Mentoring

The Power of Support

At CDAH, we believe in the power of Peer Support. We want to grow a culture and community of people who support each other.  This is part of our bigger movement to grow peer support as a viable option in the Hunter.  We want people to have the option to choose a peer mentor, rather than government or service providers, and for peer support to be recognised as an essential source of support for people with disability and their families. We believe that people who have shared experiences can offer invaluable support to others who are about to embark on a similar journey.

CDAH’s Peer Mentors

A group of almost 40 peer mentors for people with disability and their families have graduated from CDAH’s innovative peer mentoring training program.

According to Catherine Mahony, Coordinator of Community Disability Alliance Hunter (CDAH),

“We are delighted to be offering an exciting new opportunity for people with disability and their families to benefit from a trained mentor. CDAH’s peer mentors are working towards people with disability living full and valued lives.

Our peer mentoring relationships will be founded on mutual respect and a connection between equals. Peer mentoring is about sharing knowledge, ideas and experience to support, encourage and motivate another person.”

CDAH’s peer mentors will provide time-limited, one-to-one relationships to people with disabilities and their families.

CDAH’s Peer Mentors have skills and qualities such as:

  • being good at listening
  • empathy – they are able to see the world from someone else’s point of view
  • curiosity - they have an interest in others
  • understanding what helps other people to learn and grow
  • being OK with being challenged and challenging others
  • being good at asking questions
  • having difficult conversations with others

If you are interested in linking up with a peer mentor to work, get in contact with the team at CDAH.


A video about the NDIS and the importance of peer support. Made by people with intellectual disability for people with intellectual disability.


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