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Meet Andrew


Hi, my name is Andrew (the bearded). I have empathy, enjoy the company of others,
and am skilled at leading laughter exercises.

I am blind, but enjoy reading eBooks. I am involved in a variety of community groups -
Newcastle Esperanto Society (Secretary); Refugees and Partners (Public Officer); Musical Matinees (general committee member); and formerly was Chairperson of Hunter branch of
United Nations Association of Australia.

I’m passionate about peer mentoring because I believe strongly in contributing to community; wish to acquire new skills in communicating; and open myself to understanding how others see the world.

From my own experience I can offer my mentee:

  • personal insight;
  • appreciation of the difference between Dependence and Inter-dependence;
  • insight into how to connect with mainstream organisations.

My gift is making complex things simple. I am a survivor of the mental health system, managing my Schizophrenia. I am planning to write three books,and working to End the War on Terror.

A video about the NDIS and the importance of peer support. Made by people with intellectual disability for people with intellectual disability.


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