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NDIS Hunter: Getting in Control

November 2012

NDIS in the Hunter: Getting in Control was  a one day event that brought people with disability, their family, friends and allies, service providers and other interested people together so they could get more information about the National Disability Insurance Scheme, to be better prepared and explore ways to strengthen the voice of people with disability and families in the Hunter area.

The event was attended by over 230 People including 180 people with disability and service providers.   Such was the enthusiasm it was at this event the decision was made to establish a user-led disability support organisation.  This was the beginning of CDAH.

See below the paper's presented on the day

Theme 1: Stories of a good life

Melanie Schlaeger
Melanie left centre based supports in November 2009, liberating her life through Self-Managed Community Participation. She strives to help organisations understand what Person-Centred support constitutes for someone with a disability and their family. Melanie is part of the 2012 ‘Don’t Dis My Ability’ team. It is her life’s work to advocate for others with a disability about what a good life can look like.

Lara Friedman
Lara acquired a disability following a stroke at age 25. She shared with us how government funding works in her life, urging service providers to hear the message that the person who needs support SHOULD be at the centre of all thinking.

Alex Purvis
Alex is a father of four adult children and lives in Grafton, NSW. His knowledge of advocacy, legal and persuasive techniques were honed through his experiences in encouraging the education system to include all children. He has a particular interest in developing individualised self managed approaches. Alex has been self managing funds and recruiting staff to support his son’s independent life at work, in service to the community and in his own home for 7 years.

Janet Silverton and Karen Schwartz Supported Living Network
Click here to watch the video Adam’s Apple Delivery.
Click here to watch a video from the Coordinator of the Supported Living Network, Libby Ellis.

Theme 2: NDIS on the ground in the Hunter

Dougie Herd: Branch Manager, Research and Engagement,  NDIS Launch Transition  Agency
NDIS in the Hunter: Where are we up to

Theme 3: How do we ensure choice, voice and control?

Belinda Epstein – Frisch: Strengthening the voice of people with disability and families in the Hunter

Resourcing Families presented the importance of its key focus areas of developing a vision, building support networks, making community connections and having more choice and control over supports as essential elements for lives of meaning and fulfilment for people with disability. If funding is used to support these things developing in people’s lives then people are more likely to be leading  a good life.

A video about the NDIS and the importance of peer support. Made by people with intellectual disability for people with intellectual disability.


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