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January 2016 Planning Cafe - Plan Managing with the NDIS. What's In It For Me (WIIFM)?

We lifted the lid on plan managing with the NDIS in our January Planning Cafe with 3 independent plan managers:

Hunter Wonder Woman, Laurel Lambert also joined us to describe the benefit of plan managing for her daughter and friend.
We hope the information provided was useful and gave more details about options available to you with plan managing.

Best tips from the day - STAY CALM AND DELEGATE!

  1. Get plan management in your NDIS Plan.  It's free.   Plan managers do not "take a cut" from your NDIS package.  It is just a way of managing your plan (other options are Agency-management or self-management).  Plan managers are there to take the hassle out of getting your supports up and running.  You can also use a combination - self-manage some supports, plan manage other supports, and have the Agency manage some for you too.  Choose what suits you best, but if you are unsure, just get it in your plan so you have the option to use it if you want to.
  2. Get an independent plan manager.  There is minimal conflict of interest with an independent plan manager, who can work with you to get the most out of your NDIS budget and help you achieve your goals.  An independent plan manager is not attached to a service provider.
  3. It gives you all the flexibility and benefits of self-management without the administration.  You can use plan management to develop the skills in financial and service activities to become fully self-managed if you want to.
  4. You don't have to use registered providers if you are plan managing.  You can employ staff directly or engage independent contractors of your choice - they do not have to be registered with the NDIA e.g. Better Caring, HireUp, CareSeekers.

Click here for the fact sheet from the NDIA about Plan Managers.

And click here to go to a really cool website with more information about plan management from an independent plan manager in SA.

We also promised to try to un-jumble the NDIA jargon for you.  We found a great blog that beat us to it.  Click here for NDIS Gobbledegook – What is the difference between a planner, plan manager, a lead provider and a case coordinator?

Another important tip from the day...planning is lifelong, it's a way of thinking.  Just because you have an NDIS Plan does not mean you can stop planning!  It's dynamic, living and breathing.  Having the right person/people to help us to develop our life plan is the key. We are not going to get this from a 2 hour meeting with an NDIA Planner who is a stranger to us and our family.  Get it in your plan - "life transition planning, including mentoring and peer support, focussing on individual skill development" (Item 08 005).  Choose an independent life planner who is trusting and commits to a relationship that is built up over time, that believes in you and your family, a true partnership…that is driven by the belief that all people have a contribution to make to society and should have the opportunity to do this. A relationship that challenges you to expand your horizons and possibilities; to look at opportunities outside traditional service systems and paid supports.

Click here for the notes from Linda Hughes - Why Choose Plan Management?

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